The Journey with Memorable Heaven, Part 1

by Bevresel

This story, like all my other stories, is entirely fictional and involves no real people, places or events.

Chapter 1

The day was bright, anew with a fresh spill of sunrise encloaking the blanketed form of Silata Manclis from head to toe. She threw the covers off and staggered over to her dresser, preparing for yet another school day in which would be an equal drag just as miserable as the weary accomplishment of having climbed out of bed yet again. Silata may have only been a girl of seventeen years and an energetic looking new life form, however her personality was hardly as enthusiastic for the world as her outer side revealed. And soon, she wished to also show her precise distaste for the world by turning her outer side entirely gothic, white make-up applied with deep toned black eyeshadow. The little teen was simply in the revelation of, to all her family most importantly, that she was not packing all too much enthusiasm for living as of late. Yet to understand this, you'd have to leap right back to the beginning which we shall now entertain you with.

She was born into a family of which her mother was very close to her since her father's untimely demise. Yet they had only recently started to drift apart as Silata prepared to get comfortable living her own life with a massive burden outweighing her little shoulders. This burden, which had followed her since first grade, was her uncontrolled pedophilic lesbian attraction to little girls. There was no other way to explain such a fact about her as clearly as that.

This had all started, as you may have guessed already, sometime in the first grade when she felt the first beginnings of a tingling sensation between her legs whenever her eyes spied out a childhood friend of her equal age. Silata, fast developing sexually on the interior, was still as perfectly physically equal to the others of her age at the time. She was a darling at age eight, her dark blonde hair running down her back between her little shoulder blades. Her pale face with the smoothest skin. Her flat little child's tits behind a singlet of black she always wore beneath her dark blue school uniform. A low hanging dark grey dress ran down to her knees, concealing the joys of what was behind them, a fired up vaginal engine already. Her wrists were always braceleted with as much jewellery as her parents allowed, for the feel of the cold metal against her flesh sometimes either brought relief or (unassumed by her immature mind) would turn up her heat even further. She also had bracelets over her thin little ankles and a wondrous golden one with red gems about her neck. Her body was perfectly sized up against all the other girls, for they were all stunningly pretty by a mere coincidence and shaped just the way those seductive little teasers ought to be. This coincidence obviously very unbeneficial to Silata, for she was teased everyday into wishing to somehow perform acts that she neither knew about nor the others would even consider.

Yet it was deep in both her heart and her lusting spirit that she wished to explore sexuality so early. Whenever she looked herself in the mirror, she would tingle simply at the sight of her lusty little body in that perfect uniform which hid all the precious areas in seductive veiling. Then, when she stripped off to climb into the shower, she'd show off her smooth little, wet buttocks to the mirror and examine it over her shoulder. Part her small cunt lips and look down the pink interior while positioning herself facing the mirror again.

When she rubbed that area, inserted a little finger and especially when she touched the tiny little clit, she would swoon in a joyous moment of tingling ticklishness while looking at herself in the mirror. Her naked little girls body showing forth all its beautiful parts slick down with her blonde hair plastered over her shoulder blades and the sliding water curling about each perfect chubby thigh. Yet they were only chubby to a degree which was the fine sign of childhood in its most thorough form and not the least overweight. These little orgasmic moments she had, although being far from the real flow she'd be producing in her teen years, were the highlights of her days as an eight year old.

The fun of playing with her little privates and looking over her body in the bathroom mirror after school was the only motivation to get her through the day. That and looking over the other children in her class, wondering what all the cutest little girls did in the shower. Were they like her? Or most importantly, how did they look when unclothed? Although she was intoxicatingly attractive yet never admitted it out of polite little habit, Silata already assumed that several little girls in her class would look far more beautiful naked and before a mirror than she would. How she'd love to sneak into their houses during their playtime, climb up into the shower behind them and run her hands over their chests, nipples and belly while they played with themselves.

One particular girl, Julia, caught her delight the most thoroughly when she first arrived. Julia was seven, dressed in uniform colours which were slightly darker yet still applied to regulations. She was a lighter blonde, had a slightly smaller body but with the most perfect smooth skin, glinting bracelets, bright white socks, dark shoes and the most ravishing child's face upon her little skull. It was reserved only to Silata's imagination how Julia must look in the shower as she played with herself before the mirror (if she did.) It was a fantasy which remained rich in the mind of Silata, up until her current teenage year. A fantasy of intrusion with her. She'd sneak into Julia's house and then make her move and eventually, Julia would warm up to it as she felt her from behind. For some reason, Silata would always also imagine herself as a child in the fantasy as well, even as she now thought about it in her teenage form. And Julia's flat chest would feel like Heaven under her exploring fingers.

She'd warm up to what Silata was doing eventually, however it always started with Julia being lightly startled by the approach of Silata's grasping hands but would resume her immature masturbation anyway. And as a little act of increasing perversion, Silata especially enjoyed the thought of spitting a small mouthful of her glorious childish saliva into her pretty little palm then rubbing the nectar of her mouth all over and into the precious pale chest of Julia.

She would also tease the other little girl, "Your mom wants you to clean yourself. But I know you like to stay dirty. I bet you won't even wash this off." However this teasing would all be in good humour and by the end of the fantasy, Julia would be entirely submissive and kissing her while she had an episode of the little tingles, Silata's hands stimulating her flat chest while she went through it.

Yes, the fantasy was immature and not a logical sexual encounter. In any of her modern day fantasies, Silata would of course imagine herself engaging in cunt rubbings, cunt lickings, little tit sucking or many other forms of more appealing sex acts with the girl-children in her fantasy. Yet this private corner of her mind we have mapped out for you has always contained this precious fantasy in her memory banks as one of the most precious adventures of her imagination. The little inexperienced fondling of the breasts, the tiny kiss and the spitting into her palm then rubbing the saliva upon the chest may all be very childish and premature concepts of a sexual encounter (for they were thought up by a child of course), but still amazingly arousing to her up until this current day. And as a teenager, were she given three wishes, it would be the reality of the following three fantasies.

The first would be her lying naked upon a mattress with a little girl tending to her every bodily area. There'd be a pretty blonde six year old licking her cunt while fingering her asshole, two little brunettes sucking on her feet and toes, a black haired lass on either side getting their cunts stimulated by her fingers. A five year old lying on her back right over Silata's stomach and practicing masturbating on top of her. And the prettiest blonde nine year old lying over her face as Silata licked her cunt. A little girl orgy would of course be number one.

Number two would be her submissive fantasy. Silata would imagine herself tied naked to a pole whilst a group of the prettiest little girl bullies surrounded her. Not only would they tease her but they'd suck on her nipples, lick at her cunt and spank her thighs. A pretty little black haired eight year old dressed in a tiny child-sized dominatrix suit would constantly yell jeers at her for becoming aroused at their teasing and licking abuse. This fantasy always ended with Silata cumming so hard that she taught the little girl bullies a lesson by drenching them in her orgasmic liquids from head to toe. Then they could all expect a scolding from their parents when they got home for getting their clothes all wet. For the sake of extra satisfaction, Silata would always imagine the mean little girl in the dominatrix suit would not only have the strictest parents to dread, but would also cop the most of the flood from her explosive orgasm.

Yet shockingly, the last fantasy to make it into her top three would always be that very innocent little game of kissing Julia in the shower while giving her a little saliva chest massage. And there was nothing more added to it or distorting it for Silata quite foolishly (even she'd admit that), felt that this perfect memory would be ruined by expanding it in anyway. She'd dreamed up some of the best sex fantasies with girl-children ever dreamed up by a young pedophilic mind, however she always chose this one to enter into her top three. And quite imaginably, the girl in it always had to be Julia. The seven year old version of Julia that was. Because by the time Julia turned ten, she had the misfortune like quite a few do, of losing her beautiful childish charm to a facial bone distorting appearance from the invasion of early adolescence.

Julia had left the school at thirteen with her teenage rebel boyfriend. Silata missed her unbelievably and even cried when she heard she'd left. And the whole saddening fact behind this was that Silata had never even properly met her. She'd just watched her every day since first grade when she was her beautiful shower masturbating idol, all the way to fourth grade when she started to shed her charms, and up until the vanishing point in which she not only departed their school but most likely dropped out.

Julia had probably never even thought for three seconds on Silata for they'd only spoken in a language of casual greetings and common questions. But perhaps her grief for losing that small part of her life had still continued on from the episode most memorable from her childhood we're now to recount. For that had lasted since it first occurred, in first grade itself.

Silata at eight years, had fallen in love with all the pretty girl-children in her first grade class. But only one of these loves in that time period had actually involved the tearing out of her young heart by two small, pale kiddish palms. This heart tearing young lass we refer to did not attend her school however. The tearer and love of her life, was a girl by the name of Dilena Perstin. And to look upon her would be to gaze upon the goddess of child-beauty itself.

To make matters worse (for perhaps it would have been more bearable if she had at least been able to refrain from physical closeness), Silata's mother was acquainted with her family. And the two girls were encouraged to play with each other on weekends. Apparently, from what her mom told her, she'd met the Perstin mother while the two parents were watching their kids play in the wave pool at their water park. And it was a most painful coincidence but destiny itself, that the goddess Silata had set lusting eyes upon in the pool should be the very child of the mother getting to know hers currently.

Silata, having never officially been social as you can gather, liked to stick to her corner in the wave pool and play around in the lapping of the waves in that pleasant seclusion. Her corner felt warm and comforting to her non-social heart and her shy lack of a voice to intermingle with the other children's. During this little bright day enjoyment, Silata felt the wet swimsuited body of another kid bump into hers and she instantly excused herself in her polite little manner. She could tell instantly that the girl who'd bumped her was female for she felt the flesh of one shoulder in familiar line with the string which held up her swimsuit to veil the flat child teats. But it wasn't until Silata turned around to make her apology all the more polite and direct that her words simply evaporated, for she was staring right at the most angelic figure in the whole entire world, no doubt of that.

Silata correctly guessed she was just one year her junior. Dilena indeed was not only seven, but an entire world advanced in seductive appearance to Julia. And Julia at the same age had been among the highest ranked little girls Silata had ever seen. Yet Dilena was something else entirely.

She had the sleekest and darkest black flowing hair without a single fault, not one miss-alignment in the perfect stripe it made down to halfway between her small young shoulder blades. She wore a dark black swimsuit, all the more shining with water and tight against her skin than Silata's oversized blue one which hung low almost under her tiny nipples.

But Dilena's was perfectly plastered straight to her flesh, leaving the parts she wanted exposed to a teasing view whilst covering all that she wished with the upmost tightness to her skin. Her pale shoulders were bare save for the straps which held up her swimsuit and came down to a wide arc on her back, displaying a considerable length of her back with her hair plastered between her shoulder blades, all perfectly visible. Her little precious flat tits were covered of course and the suit looped up tight between her legs and left her small lilly-white thighs exposed all the way up. Her unbelievably ripe cunt was left to Silata's and all the water park pervert's imaginations thanks to that little water soaked, gleaming panty part which covered it.

Yet from the back only covering half of each of her soft little bare, smooth butt cheeks, the suit was halfway stopping short of a G-string. Her youthful age mixed in with the childish perfection, gowned up in that suit would have easily been enough to burn the flame of Silata's lust harder than any little girl had burnt it so far. Yet Dilena simply had to also be gifted with one of the cutest but at the same time cheeky little face ever granted to a kid. And it's an obvious fact that cuteness resembling of innocence mixed in with this light cheeky little element showing through her pretty, faultless white teeth, was one of the finest recipes for childhood beauty as well.

As she moved into the shallows and Silata was drawn by keen lust into following her regardless that their only meeting so far had been an accidental bumping, more and more of the seven year old's grand body was revealed to her as the water slid down off her body and between the shining swimsuit strap which covered her buttocks. Dilena soon stood on the cement shore, facing toward the water as she dried herself off but also spinning around a couple of times. And as the hypnotized young Silata also walked free from the water in her low hanging blue swimsuit, she then got clear snapshots at every last part of this glorious body exposed to her as the towel wrapped and unwrapped them in the various phases of the child's drying.

Yet no matter how much her premature efforts skill worked it, Silata saw that the gleaming moisture simply insisted on clinging to that beautiful black swimsuit which presented itself so grandly against the smooth white flesh it tightly compressed. Down to her perfect knees Silata rolled her eyes and then back up the backs and fronts of her thighs to either review that tightly veiled little shining cunt or buttocks area. Then as she glanced down at the end of her inspection, she noticed two glamorous little feet with the cutest toes, heels, soles and everything. She fell in love with both those precious feet as well as the rest of her body, watching them turn and start to walk the precious object of her desires away.

Into a little pair of dark blue sandals Dilena slid these little feet into, and thus then Silata realised she was finished with the wave pool. So she dashed up to her before she could leave, doing one of the bravest acts of her life and managing to introduce herself with very little stammering. "Hi. I'm Silata. I'm looking for a friend. What's your name?"

With a smile, Dilena introduced herself but just when Silata assumed it was going perfectly, the child continued her reply. "I'd love to be your friend, but you don't go to my school. I only let the girls at school hang out with me because they treat me like a little princess. They give me everything I want, just like my mother. I don't like sharing and I never play fair when it comes to games or any..."

"That's okay!," Silata almost screamed a little over the top and made the little Dilena flinch in curiosity. "What I meant is that, I can treat you like a princess too." Then without further a due, Silata flung herself to the ground at Dilena's feet, hailing her as a goddess. She pretended to kiss the ground but instead, managed to walk her lips right up to Dilena's left sandal, flick the tongue over a little of the rubber, then get one solid kiss onto the child's big toe. Dilena chuckled and stepped away in a giggling fit, glancing around for a short second in a deep blush. Silata glanced up hopefully and then Dilena provided her with that comforting assurance she was still on her good side.

"I've never met a friend so eager to want to please me. Alright Silata. You can hang out with me."

And it was only just after that in which both girls parents returned and announced that they'd both be seeing each other again every weekend from that day forward anyway.

The first weekend Silata had come around, she stood nervously at her mothers side, chewing her fingers and glancing around the lit up little night lighted walkway which lead to the Perstin's private pool. As parental talk was exchanged at her rear and she cared very little for any of its aspects, she walked away from the discussing guardians and down to where she saw her little friend in a bouncing little play arena within the pool.

However she approached slowly in her little blue swimsuit, her eyes dark with almost lightly glittering worry, all her nerves being tickled by the approach to her new acquaintance. When she reached the pool, Silata saw Dilena lying upon a floaty ring, just simply in her perfected act of showing off all her charms. The giggling little princess had her sleek hair resting in the water as she had her head lain upon the inflated rim of the rubber floaty like a pillow. Her slick black costume was as ever bright as it were the day she first met her in the water park. One soft, miniature hand was directing the end of a strawberry lollipop to and from her tiny suckling lips. Her legs were parted with the knees resting upon the floaty and her shins over the side.

Thus, Silata saw in full view, especially when she rotated to face her, the beautiful swimsuited crevasse between the perfected lilly-white thighs. She had one foot vanished under the rippling water while the other stuck out and pointed gloriously in Silata's direction. Both her pretty feet were strangely garmented with soaked, grey socks. It seemed a good conversation opener.

"Hi Silata," Dilena first said whilst suckling upon the lollipop. Silata returned the greeting in a stammer.

"H-h-hi, hi Dilena..."

However she got no answer apart from the continued seductive stare the other little girl stabbed at her with. So Silata pursued conversation herself with good starters. "How come you have socks on in the pool? You look very pretty in them but they're all wet from the looks of things."

Dilena giggled. "Well thanks. You're real nice. You must really want to be my friend don't you?"

"I absolutely do!," Silata insisted, slowly growing more calm with the situation. "And I mean it, you truly look beautiful in those socks, wet or not. Just like you do in that swimsuit costume. You're the prettiest little girl I've ever seen."

Her last words made even the cheeky, little confident Dilena blush. "Thanks again Silata. You don't look too bad yourself. And to answer your question, I always get my mommy to undress and dress me for the pool. However, in her rush to answer the door, she forgot to take my socks off for me. So I want to teach her a lesson by going in the pool with them on. Sometimes I even jump in the water with all my clothes on if she says she hasn't got time to dress me in my swimmers. She has simply got to learn to put me first and to treat me like the angel I am. I shouldn't have to do anything myself, should I?"

"No," Silata stammered straight forwardly, her eyes glowing in that hypnotising embrace of lust that the figure of Dilena cloaked her up in. "No, I certainly agree with you. Everything should be done for a little princess as pretty as you. By the way, since your mommy is busy talking with mine, do you want me to take those socks off for you? Just so you can get a little more comfortable. I'd gladly do it for you any day."

Dilena giggled excitedly, now lifting her submerged foot out of the water and placing it alongside the first over the rim of the floaty ring, facing the poolside. "Okay, jump right in and do it for me!"

Silata leapt into the pool without hesitation and splashed over to her idol, gently wrapping her small palms around each of the other little girls ankles and grinning wildly, hardly believing this next suggestion even emerged from her mouth but would be forever grateful she asked it off her. "Dilena, would you mind... well um, would you mind if I used my mouth for this?"

Dilena giggled again, much the same as she did before with equal excitement. "Alright, go for it. I won't tell anyone."

"You can tell the whole world if you wish for I'm proud to service you princess," Silata was hardly even sure where those words had come from or even if they'd emerged from her own mouth. The only time she'd been familiar with such sentences was when she use to play princess with her mommy. But she was positive she said them now and lowered her lips to the socked feet of her little partner.

She suckled the end of one sock with her lips, feeling the toe tips about an inch back from the drooping end of the fabric and closing her eyes in the heaven of the inhalation of all they contained. Not just the precious little remains of the young girls perspiration, but even the strong drenching of chlorine that the pool had had utterly soaked the sock in was amazingly a contributory element to the whole scenes seduction. She gently moved her head back when she heard Dilena's giggles as the little girl had obviously noticed how much her strange little friend was enjoying having her mouth in that position so close to her toes.

The sock came off in her mouth and Silata grinned over it, both girls sharing chuckles at that while she gently splashed to the poolside and laid it out to either dry or be picked up by her mother later. Then she swam back over for the other one, doing her best to avoid placing her mouth right upon the bare foot now also offered to her and suckling the toes merely for the sake of it. But no, her first duty to her princess was to remove the other.

This one hadn't been as thoroughly drenched as the first as it had been leaning up upon the rim of the floaty for most of Dilena's water ride. So slightly stronger was the delicious aroma of the child's light perspiration which deeply worried the water submerged pussy of Silata and had the most trembling effects on all her nerves as she took this one into her mouth and permitted herself the joy of suckling it. Tasting a mouthful of the fabric on her tongue in the few seconds she had then to transfer it back to the poolside and lay it beside the other. Then back to her now barefooted companion she swam, Dilena's eyes bright and fired with excitement.

"Wow, you sure are a little slave Silata. Mommy told me that people called 'slaves' do this stuff all the time. And they like it. Do you really like my feet that much?"

Silata nodded eagerly, swimming right close to the floating ring and losing her senses almost entirely as she propped her head upon it with her chin on the rim. Not only did she have a direct view toward the swimsuited pussy, but each of Dilena's pretty feet were on either side of her head, the toes deliberately poking at her ears in a friendly little tease.

"Very much Dilena. I like everything about you," Silata said this while avoiding looking at the direct line of sight to the pussy. Not just in a means of hiding her perversion but simply because she thought it disrespectful to violate an angelic mistresses privacy. Especially one as young as the seven year old who now faced her with such an impressed and satisfied glow about her features.

"I like you too Silata. Um... if you want you can kiss my bare toes," she wiggled her precious little pale feet. "Or lick them, or whatever. If you really want... oh God! You really must like me!"

Dilena stated this with a sharp gasp of shock as Silata instantly took her permission without question, sprinkling kisses first along every precious little toe and then flicking them with her tongue, tasting all the little buds that the ends of her feet had to offer. She took the big toe of her right foot into her mouth and suckled on it, then the little one, tasting all they had to offer without even turning around to observe if she was being watched. She'd almost had a chance to suckle every last toe before Dilena hurriedly splashed her floaty away.

"Okay, okay, calm down my little darling," she spoke so adorably politely to her worshipping friend. As her mother always called her by the name 'little darling,' she obviously assumed by labelling a friend as a little darling warranted great affection. Which obviously it did, for Silata was impossibly warmed by it. "I think they're looking at us."

But they weren't, Silata checked to confirm it. Only then did she guess, by the way Dilena wasn't creeped out but had simply splashed away from her with a laugh, that the precious little girl was actually teasing her. Denying her to have all her desires right away satisfied.

For about a whole hour they played in the pool, Silata splashing in pursuit of Dilena and inventing a little game called 'foot tag.' Silata liked that the rules devised that she was always 'it.' And her job was simply to chase her friend around the pool on the floaty and to get her tongue on her feet as often as possible.

Silata was sexually intoxicated by the end of this game, the taste of Dilena's beautiful feet remaining in her mouth right through the remainder of the night after what seriously was the best game she'd ever played with another kid so far in her life. And the non-social young child had rarely played any, but as far as she was concerned, this was the best so far.

Afterward, the two of them were permitted to lay upon the trampoline in the cool night air which enveloped both their dried swimsuited bodies. After a few little leaps and playful jumping games, the two simply let their bodies slide down together in the pit of the trampoline matt, so very close and expelling all the nights coldness that remained with the closeness of their light chlorine sprinkled flesh. And of course, their two cool swimsuits pressed as close to each other as possible, each darling child staring deep into the black, seductive pits of the other one's eyes.

Dilena briefly giggled as Silata seemed to know very little what to say in such a precious moment. But as they started to chat, the words she wanted to say simply came naturally from her lips, as they would with any well spoken social child and for the first time in her life, Silata felt she had both a proper friend as well as a close object of her pure desires thrown into one. And quite simply, she loved her already.

"Do you know why mommy looks after me so well?," Dilena questioned, her eyes shining whilst she slid her hand over her friends shoulder and brought her into a tighter closeness, Silata now truly both nervous and aroused as the skin of the delicious girls shoulder looked so close to her nose and mouth. She couldn't bear to look back into those glittering yet dark eyes, if she continued she felt surely she'd be hypnotically possessed by the angel of lust herself. So she stared at her friends lightly goosebumped little shoulder whilst she talked on in that sweet little voice of innocence bent around not so innocent themes. "It's because she says she loves me more than other parents love their little girls. I am a princess, and she does everything that I ask her to. Is your mommy like that?"

Silata shook her head. "She is sometimes, but not as often as it sounds like yours is. She doesn't wait on me all the time like yours either. However I never have to do chores and she does all my homework for me."

"Well you sound like a princess yourself," Dilena chuckled, moving closer, her chest now right at war for space with Silata's, both their swimsuited nipples in close contact. A small, tender and tight fleshed little pale thigh glided over one of Silata's and beneath the other. Thus, as they rolled in together, Dilena's knee drew up close to the other girls groin and Silata was almost begging it to make contact.

It was such a tease to be this close to the goddess of girl-children and to not be touched upon the area which was most fired up by their experience. Silata would sooner have the other little girl ram her knee hard into her groin rather than continue teasing her in this manner. Yet in this painful position of both fired up lust and longing, Dilena was slowly becoming more aware of it undoubtedly. "Ew, my shoulder's all warm and sticky. I think you're breathing so hard on it your wetting me!"

"Oh I'm sorry," Silata stammered, her eyes slightly moist as she instinctively tried to pull back but the slope of the trampoline matt could only further her closer to her friend. "I didn't mean to..."

"Oh relax, I don't mind it," Dilena giggled, not use to having a friend so eager to impress her. Despite having only spent seven years on the Earth, Dilena had been exposed to quite enough love songs to be taught what that concept was. And she guessed, in some weird way, this other little girl was having a severe case of love for her as opposed to boys, where they were normally supposed to feel the bond. Dilena could almost feel her little innocent fingers clasped around the heart of Silata, and she knew very well if she wasn't careful, she could tear it open. And in a way which was more than obvious, teasing Silata was causing responses in her very premature sex system herself.

Having the other child lick her feet was not only stimulating her to love herself further, but also cause curiosity for the desire to do the same unto her friend. And not just that of course, for her mind, just one year junior, had drawn up several scenarios even more elaborate than Silata's famous 'Bathroom Play With Julie.' She continued. "It's okay, my mommy breathes like that on me all the time. Especially when she's dressing me. Guess she likes me as much as you do. Do you know, every morning she puts my slippers on for me, she likes to handle and kiss my little feet as well. I must be a very magical little girl who everyone thinks they should show all this kindness to or something."

"You definitely are," Silata groaned, perhaps showing more lust than she wished. She had to wipe her little lips for she was suddenly afraid she was drooling. Yet she snuggled closer nonetheless now she guessed Dilena had downed some of her defences, and now her little strawberry breath was right near Dilena's adorable face which seemed to enjoy inhaling it for she resumed staring straight into Silata's eyes.

Then, showing true bravery, Silata let her hand fall to rest on Dilena's exposed thigh, just casually putting it there in its heavenly place and feeling her tingling palm utterly engorged upon that erotic landscape of child's flesh. She let her fingers lightly tickle it then rubbed a little, ready to explain to Dilena that she was merely doing this to warm her friend up in the cold night weather if she inquired about it at all. Yet instead of an inquiry, Dilena copied her movements, placing her hand on her thigh and having an even more vigorous feel around.

Silata held her breath and tried not to show how much her heart was thundering as Dilena's fingers started to explore back around the hump of one butt cheek, yet all in casual exploration and nothing so far serious. Well at least, their continued talk of casual matters seemed to portray nothing serious at this stage.

"Silata?," Dilena gently inquired, her head tilting to one side. "Do you like boys?" And yes, in comparison to how their feeling up was commencing and the brushing of their precious hands over equally precious thighs resumed, this was still considered casual. "What I meant is that, do you ever think you want a boyfriend."

Silata, feeling she could tell Dilena anything, opened up right away. "No. Absolutely not. I think they're disgusting. If you must know it, I like girls a lot better. I saw this show, where two people kissed with their mouths to each others for a real long time. I think they were deliberately using their tongues by forcing them down each others throats or something."

Dilena made a face. "Yuck, a boy and a girl really get up to that stuff?"

"Yes, and I certainly wouldn't do it with a boy," Silata exclaimed yet her smile continued to widen. "However, believe it or not, I think I could do it with a girl." As she said this, her hand lightly increased pressure upon the smooth milky-white thigh under her grip and she slowly made the goosebumps of cold disappear and be replaced with reactions of eagerness. Dilena now was the one who had to re-position her darling body in a hopes to perhaps withdraw extreme tension while her friend resumed explaining. "I could certainly do it with a girl my age. But a pretty one."

Dilena laughed lightly, responding to Silata's movements by grasping her friends butt a little tightly in return yet warming her thigh with those palm movements. "Well, are there any girls you would like to kiss?"

"Several at my school," Silata laughed then as a look of knowing passed like an electric bolt through both their eyes. "However, right now I'm lying beside the only girl I've really REALLY wanted to kiss." She was of course lying about this, for she nearly was overwhelmed by the lips of all the girls in her grade. Yet she certainly, now, when comparing them all, would select Dilena above all. And as she said this, she let her hand finally slide past Dilena's thigh and explore with her fingers, the exposed half of one butt cheek that compressing little swimsuit revealed. The flesh simply felt all the more tender and arousing in that spot as well.

Dilena gasped, almost as much from the feel of her friends hand now completely on her buttocks as well as what her words had just up-frontly hinted. "Y-y... you want to kiss me? On the lips you mean? With the tongue in the mouth and everything?"

Silata nodded, a seconds worth of glancing out of the corner of her eye to ensure they still had the upmost backyard privacy to conceal their acts. "But of course, only if you want to," she briefly panicked as she saw what she mistook for a mocking little grin crossing her friends lips. "We don't have to. Perhaps I'm just being a little weird, but I really lik...," and before her stammering cover-up of her intent could be completed, it was Dilena who actually leaned forward and pecked her on the lips then withdrew, stating simply.

"That was okay, I guess," she snickered, almost knowing deep in her soul what a tease she was. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh... God yes," Silata stammered, glancing around before uncontrollably, she delved forward with her lips puckered out. She expected the teasing Dilena only to withdraw yet was mistaken as she felt her leg slide down between her thighs whilst she leaned in to meet with her lips again. This time, they held the position. And when Silata opened her mouth, Dilena instinctively did the same to keep their lips connected. And without waiting a single second in this precious instinct, not caring the least if her tongue got bitten off, Silata let it swim into Dilena's mouth and taste all the precious spit her saliva glans boiled forth. Then, Dilena's tongue squeezed past hers to get into her own mouth and the next thing Silata knew, she was almost sucking on it while she drew in more and more of the other little girls mouth moisture straight into her jaws.

During this, while she was distracted with the kiss, Silata knew it to be the best possibility to feel her up. She let the tips of her fingers slide under the tight swimsuit once she managed the impossible task of getting them through there and quickly slid them up over the more deeper concealed flesh. However, not wanting to frighten her little lass with this strange groping, she removed the hand from that area and then placed it square over her belly while they talked, slowly lifting up her swimmer top.

She was mildly aware of her own thigh continuing to get rubbed by her darling while she struggled to get the top up to expose a good midriff, only then realising it was not actually connected to her lower briefs which still covered her privates tightly. It had simply looked that way by the way its tight compressing structure was so well plastered to her flesh. But now, the bare pale belly was under her hand, sprinkled instantly with goosebumps as the night air got to it but was in no time soothed by the rubbings of her palm which turned up the heat against that precious area.

The glorious taste of the other girls mouth suddenly drew apart with a thin string of spittle all which connected their lips. Silata withdrew her hand almost like a flinch, afraid she was going to get asked about her behaviour. But without a word, Dilena let her mouth return right to Silata's and the kiss was resumed, tasting again the delicious mouth liquids they were so addicted to as well as their pretty pink tongues. Now positive that whatever she was doing was in positive light for her friend, she started to re-lift the costume until a good amount of her belly, precisely up to just under her ribs, was shown in perfect view and display to her hands.

Silata placed her hot palms near her naval, instantly feeling her sweat of desire soothed by the cold presence of the child's belly under her hands while the kiss resumed. She rubbed the area, lightly massaged it, feeling only a small spasm run through it which was the vibration of the girl's moan. The yielding ground of the trampoline matt beneath them slowly seeming to sink toward the ground, metaphorical to precisely how far they were sinking into more and more of lust's fine gifts.

Silata would always recall precisely how good the belly felt under her hands. So soft, so tender and vulnerable. And especially when she used her fingertips to first caress then tickle the naval, she produced several feelings of various moans or light laughter, each of which were delivered straight from the trembling body of Dilena and into her mouth as she resumed the kiss. Thus, they both vibrated together while Silata tickled her belly, the kiss making them both linked together in the same world of arousal.

Leaning back but with Silata's mouth following, Dilena brought her knee up again and this time, stopped it only when the start of her thigh was mounted by the responsive little pussy of her friend. This sent a great shudder through Silata which Dilena lightly increased by a light, playful spank upon her swimsuited buttocks. They broke the kiss and both had a chuckle, Dilena then glancing down with a frown to notice her friend was instinctively grinding her crotch against her raised up knee. Such a tease she was, letting her leg slide back down and away from it with a question stated. "Why you doing that?"

"I don't know," Silata replied with a nervous smile. "I can't help it, it feels really good. Could you um... put your knee back where you had it? Please, I'm begging you."

"Okay okay, calm down," Dilena snickered as she raised her leg and giggling at the feeling of the knee being tickled by the sensation of her friend rubbing her peeing area up and down upon it. While she did this, Silata began breathing heavily and Dilena let her lips approach her again, guessing this was a sign for another kiss. Silata eagerly put her mouth to her friends and they retasted the gorgeous nectar of their tongues whilst Dilena continued to grasp her friends behind then provide a small little massage with her palm upon the small of her back, a fashion that her mother told her was most pleasing to the spinal cord. Silata groaned from it, still humping her knee and Dilena felt a light hot trickle upon it, suddenly breaking the kiss. "Careful now, don't pee on my leg."

"I'm not, it's just a sign of excitement I think," Silata explained as best she could. "You excite me so much that my little pee pee dribbles a little. But it isn't pee. I've tasted it."

Dilena frowned. "Really?" And Silata certainly wasn't expecting her next action but it occurred anyway. The little girl lowered her hand straight to her vagina, flicked it under the swimsuit and drew it out with a little swab of girl-cum she'd gathered from the very base of the cunt lips. Silata was in the heavenly recollection of that very brief moment the child goddess's hand had spent near her precious area while Dilena sucked that very finger into her mouth, her pretty eyes widening. "Wow, you're right, it does taste delicious!"

They fell silent for the next few minutes, neither quite sure how to inquire into resuming. During this moment, Silata would recall the every detail of Dilena's belly she could now examine under her fingers. That perfect little white, flat hump of flesh. So perfectly smooth, so wonderful to feel. Ever so soft yet only to a certain degree for it was displayed on a very youthfully-hard body. As she admired the precious little area of skin she'd helped expose, she notice some grit from the trampoline had spattered upon it and even remembered the precise place every last piece of that grit landed. For she lightly smoothed them all off with the soft side of her fingertips. However, noticing that one piece of grit was buried right in the little girls naval, she knew she had to have something extra soft and sticky to draw it out. Without hesitating or even asking, she allowed her body to slide down further and she lowered her head straight toward that glorious belly, tasting that perfected flesh while the tip of her tongue delve into the naval and flicked out the grit yet continued to lick anyway. The belly's every taste forever burned into the recollection of her taste buds while she felt the teasing land of glory lightly quiver and attempt to move away.

"Silata, what are you doing?," Dilena asked but only in a voice which was curious. She looked up in her sneaky little face and realised that the 'removal of grit' excuse wouldn't pay. So she admitted to the truth of her intents.

"I just wanted to see if your little pussy tastes as good as the way you said mine does."

Dilena frowned. "Pussy? What's a pussy?"

"I think it's another name for our peeholes. A sixth grader told everyone in my class about it. Anyway, do you mind if I have a taste of it? Just to see."

"I'm not sure. I'm very ticklish down there. In fact, I'm tingling right now for some reason," Dilena giggled immaturely yet let her friend slowly slide down her lower swimsuit nonetheless. This was indeed the most frighteningly arousing part to the whole experience, Silata now in the full knowledge she was about to see what was so deliberately concealed from her and she started to not just tingle, yet actually feel a trickle in her swimsuit underwear, wishing Dilena hadn't moved her knee back down.

"Hey, wait a minute!," Dilena cut in again, grabbing ahold of the sides to the looser swimsuit of Silata and pulling it right down to expose the wet vagina concealed behind. "If you're seeing mine I'm seeing yours. Wow, it's really wet!"

Silata, ignoring all embarrassment, concentrated solely on removing her friends lower wear and then felt absolutely accosted by the gaze which drew her eyes to the most precious object on the Earth. In the background noise, Dilena complimented hers and through it all, she felt light nudging's against her slit as Dilena's finger tips returned for more of the delicious tasting discharge she was instantly depositing into her little thirsty jaws. Ignoring all that, Silata was eclipsed by the divine, hairless little slit and the tiny little clitoris also offered to her view. Yes it was miniature, the whole slit itself a struggle to see in the night darkness. Yet one thing was certain, it was moist with something other than the perspiration of their moment. And, not wanting to allow rude fingers to approach, Silata lowered her head and let her tongue slide out, flicking just once over the glorious slit of impossible pleasure and delving into her tastebuds, that most delicious certainty that she'd tasted what she herself produced.

Yes, ever so slightly, Dilena had produced at least three droplets of moisture. Excited moisture indicating equal enthusiasm for their experimental sex play. Now with that beautiful slit staring her right in the face, Silata let her tongue slide back out and was uncontrollably in a state of licking it again and again and again. Dilena had stop being fascinated with her cunt now and was merely laughing from all the tickling of the other little girls mouth at work on her precious area.

"I change what I said before. You don't just like me. You LOVE me! I can't believe you're actually licking my peehole." All this was actually stammered through her laughter and moans of enjoyment.

As her seven year old cunt was licked, this precious young child goddess was in all the throes of the most delicious tickles and shaking. Her whole body rippling with them, her glorious bare ass so tender and goosebump flecked. Her flat breasts even responding with the nipples now tightly compressed in a little erectile state against the swimsuited torso coverage. Her legs so inflamed under the touch and caresses of Silata's exploring hands were now nearly as tender as her cunt and let all the more warm tingling juices emerge in the slight, restricted flow such a youthful pussy could produce. Silata's warm palms sliding over them and keeping the thighs and the buttocks playfully tickled was what stopped the child from rubbing them herself.

Rather, Dilena then pulled up her swimsuit completely until it was around her neck and looped under each shoulder. Not caring to take it off completely should their mothers suddenly return anytime soon, Dilena left it like that and observed her hard nipples. She felt every bolt of electricity excite them each and every time her fingers brushed them. She started to rub and tickle her fingers over them, surprisingly expert in this wise for a girl who'd never before even attempted masturbating. But Silata assumed that her mouth upon her precious area and the hands on her thighs was the first major encouragement in the life of the perfected Dilena to start exploring the intoxicating wonders of her young child's body. And soon, her little flat tits felt to be on just as much arousal fire as the slightly dripping cunt in which Silata's tongue was slowly pushing into more and more a deeper tingle.

This soon of course, overcame all the effects she could get from her tiny little nipples but Dilena kept everything up as she sensed that all the tickles were close approaching some extreme one. From Silata's hands on her thighs, tongue tickling her slit and her own fingertips on her nipples, every part of Dilena was aroused to its entirety. At the ends of her body, her little bare feet were clenched up in anticipation and the soles so very delicate.

"Mmmm," was all Dilena's lips could produce. Moan after moan as she stimulated her nipples and Silata slid up into her precious pussy the most wondrous tongue favours. Silata noticed all that there was possible to take in of the quivering little slit. As for the little clit she heard the most extreme yet cute cries from her friend whenever it was lightly tongued. The tight little vaginal canal which would almost squeeze her tongue violently whenever she dared penetrate it a considerable distance was also a beautiful focus of memory. She inhaled everything the rosy object put forth as well in this heated state, licking up every droplet of perspiration from the child's inner thighs.

Yet she concentrated mainly on tonguing the slit and lightly tickling the clitoris when possible, all the while sliding her hands up and down the other little girls thighs. And the warmth of this moment and her constant tonguing was better remembered, even more sharply than the reviving burst of a small amount of liquid running into her face and slightly up her nose whilst Dilena's body then quivered in the most thorough response in the highest tingling orgasm. The deepest ticklish response of a child brought to glory by the feeling of a tongue fuck and oh how brilliant was that squeal of one of the most beautiful young girls ever then submerged within one of the most beautiful deliriums, all thanks to Silata's immature yet somehow masterful tongue work that no one else's mouth could have possibly produced such a feeling in her at this stage. And the simple act of doing this unto her friend managed an intense tingling all the way through Silata like an unstimulated youthful orgasm.

What need was there for stimulation when so much stimulation onto a goddess of kids like Dilena had put her through the same ripples her tongue did unto her. She remembered both the delicious taste, the inhalation of liquids, the taste of them upon her tongue mixed in with the delicious child's saliva and the warmth on either side of her ears produced from the heated young thighs. The most tender taste of all produced from when she had her tongue thrust into the clamping, deepest pit of nectar which was the young girls vaginal entrance. The divine cunt of Dilena, Goddess of Girl Children. That moment was well worth sticking with her forever.

She finished it off by drawing up beside the precious Dilena so her mouth was aimed right in line with hers again and they joined right in a kiss which savoured the taste of Dilena's pussy while Silata had only just started to direct her darling's hand to playfully frig her cunt to return the favour. However Dilena drew her arm back, seeming far more interested to keep her own sexual stimulation as the main focus of their encounter. "That was wonderful Silata. I'm not quite sure what you did but... oh my God it was good. Do you um... do you think you could do it again?"

Silata grinned. "I'm not sure. I think I've possibly drained you of all you have, since you're so young. I don't have that much in me myself. When I was your age I could barely make myself feel good down there at all. It got better this year, so I guess it's something that improves as you grow older."

"Well either way," Dilena concluded in a tone that was quite demanding as she sat up with her cheeky face returning in place of the relieved one which had captivated her for only a second. For a child as young as she was, nothing, not even her first little premature orgasm seemed to wipe her out. She drew one leg up under her tiny arm, leaning on her side so her bare cunt was exposed to Silata's full view. "I want to try it again."

She giggled and tilted her pretty head to the side and the sleek flowing hair pooled over her arm. Yet only momentarily before she reached down and, forgetting all fears of intrusion, slipped her swimsuit off entirely and eased the lower swimwear from her ankles. To convince for you the pure divine power this child had, you can be sure that even with her beautiful love of her life entirely naked beside her, Silata was so captivated she didn't even feel the slightest discomfort in her presence. Even though they were in the middle of a backyard at night, upon a trampoline in the humid air. It was so dark you couldn't visualize their activities unless you were up close. And so, Silata watched the naked little girl in the most severe intoxication of lust.

So beautiful, so pale all over, the perfect miniature figure, short yet lusting young thighs. The milky-white belly and torso, the tiny nipples, the splendid young cunt and now, turning her back to her, the unbelievably tight skinned and delicious little buttocks. It was then Silata was brought to conceive her final plan of enjoying this child upon the luckiest night of her life so far.

"You seem a little lost for words," the bright eyed and naked Dilena pointed out with a chuckle.

"Yeah," Silata stammered before blurting out what she wished to perform. "This time, let me enjoy your ass. I know that sounds strange. But seriously I want and... NEED to kiss it."

Dilena's eyes for the first time looked more frightened than aroused. "What? My butt... oh God. You really really REALLY love me! If you want to kiss my butt I... well I suppose its okay. I already let you kiss my pee pee so, alright then." The little girl sunk into the trampoline as she assumed an all fours position whilst upon her naked and pure butt cheeks, Silata started to sprinkle an endless swarm of kisses.

That little girls ass was a thing of divine memory to Silata. So perfect, so innocent, so smooth and also so very clean. If another of her mother's duties to this adorable princess was to bathe her, then she must have specifically aimed the showerhead to clean the entire portion of her rear thoroughly. For everything was fresh, tender, gleaming with cleanliness and untainted. Not that a divine little girl's ass could ever truly be tainted, her beauty always able to excuse whatever condition this back sector was in. Yet Dilena wasn't just a pretty little girl. She was the perfected Child Goddess, so absolutely everything had to be correct about her.

Silata filled her mouth with the offerings of the ass cheeks, suckling them, tasting their heat. Leaving upon them minor little red rings from her lips where she'd kissed and lightly drawn them into her mouth. Oh what an honour it was to explore such a heaven, to rub her face, her lips, her tongue and even her nose over such stimulating fields. From the front, Dilena claimed that her actions were putting her back in the tingling mood already and encouraged her on. After kissing, suckling and licking wherever she pleased, Silata then made sure she didn't miss a single spot on the whole divine thing. She traced her tongue about it in circles until all her young girl's saliva was thickening every smooth inch of the skin.

She never tainted it yet simply left signs of her love all over it. One hand which had been stimulating her cunt emerged with some decent moisture and she massaged this over what her spittle had achieved on the ass, entirely lathering it before she went in for the final pleasure. It simply started right then and there yet only made one swipe.

She let her tongue begin at the tip of the ass crack then probe it all the way along, taking the one long luxurious lick from one end to the other and tasting the glorious anus in passing. After sucking all this back into her throat, she observed the moans of Dilena and pulled back to begin another. Another which would never occur.

"Oh Silata, I never thought someone kissing and licking my ass would feel so good. But it really does! Oh, and when you licked my crack, could you please do that again. That was awesome!"

"Allow to me to get started right away," Silata chuckled but as she leaned in again, suddenly the precious ass was gone from her reach and over it Dilena was hurriedly pulling on her swimmers. Silata was about to inquire into this behaviour when she realised the approaching footsteps that accompanied it. Dilena shrieked in a whisper.

"They're coming! Pull your pants up Silata!"

With the deepest regret, Silata managed to do so and then quickly examine her beauty to ensure nothing was out of order with her. With that amazing speed, her darling little Dilena was the same lusty girl she'd seen at the water park once again, in those tight little swimmers veiling all those precious areas. Silata would have nightmares upon recalling that moment, wondering if she'd ever seen them at all thanks to the speed that Dilena hurriedly veiled them after no less than forty minutes of their little childish lovemaking. The height of a glorious moment interrupted was the voice of her mother suggesting it was now time to depart.

Silata looked to Dilena and perhaps she could have been able to cope better if she saw the other little girl was also going to suffer from the interrupted event. Yet despite all the pleasure given her, Dilena was grinning the same as usual and Silata could tell there was nothing fake about it. Perhaps this little girl was even amused by it. The seven year old tease probably enjoyed the fact that she'd had both the experience of feeling good then the enjoyment of watching the disappointment dawn on Silata's face. Surely a born sadistic edge right there. And how cruel of her it was not to return any favours to Silata and merely take them all herself. She may be the Goddess of Girl Children. Yet there was a definite contributory element which could put the word 'Greedy' in her name as well.

For the following weekends in which they spent the remainder of their time visiting each other, Dilena avoided entering sexual acts upon them all, obviously doing so for the thrill of watching Silata's frustration. However on the very last she decided to grant her little friend some mercy again. If her disappointment last time wasn't heartbreak enough, what would occur on their last weekend together would completely outweigh it.

Chapter 2

It was a Sunday in the Perstin house and both girls were in Dilena's bedroom this time. Silata sitting right near the pillow in a hopes that, should Dilena leave the room for a minute, she'd at least have time to bury her face in it and inhale the aroma from her gorgeous sleeping moments. Yet today, Dilena showed mercy as she turned to her with this plain question that required no position in chat nor even a question of where its origins had come from. "Want to do it again?"

Silata's nod was so eager her pretty little head nearly rolled off her shoulders. "I've been wanting to do it again so badly. I've been trying to hint and..."

"Oh I know that," Dilena giggled, basically admitting what a cruel tease she was with those words yet got to unbuttoning her pyjama top anyway, a beautiful pink coverage of her upper torso that still displayed the midriff. It was also patterned with white lilly flowers, Silata could tell you absolutely every detail of what she could reconstruct from her memory of Dilena. Then that beautiful, shirtless, milky-white bare upper body of such delicate exposure was once again in her view. Dilena reached down and removed her slippers, leaving her socks on as she slowly slid down the pyjama bottoms to the floor. Inch by inch, that gorgeous nakedness of such a perfect child was once again given up to Silata who surrendered herself to undressing in precisely the same minute, unaware she was even unclothing herself in the awe of watching her friend.

Dilena then leapt her jumpy little naked form upon her and started kissing her mouth, sliding between the other girls thighs while she pushed her onto her back upon the mattress, the delicious feeling of their bare pussies touching radiating throughout both their little stimulated systems. Silata would swoon forever in the memory of that position, feeling as if she had the tip of her very tiny clitoris poking at the entrance to the miniature seven year old's slit.

She lay back upon the bed and slowly eased up while Dilena eased down. Giggling at the feeling of extreme electric pleasure, they repeated this process, sliding their smooth bodies past each other so their small pussies slowly commenced grinding together, each girl already starting to deposit some delicious little leakages upon the other's responsive vagina, lightly coating each one from slit to clit in the little wet warmth of their excitement. Silata moaned as she felt the seven year old's hands ease under her weight and grip her buttocks, so she leaned up and did the same to Dilena yet slightly more gently, exploring the delicious fields of the child's ass humps. They both groaned, lowered their pussies toward each other once again and for a split second during their bodily rubbing, uttered pure, delicious little screeches as their two clits met with each other and exchanged their sensitivity in this touching moment.

They silenced their pleasurable shrieks by once again kissing each other and continuing both the cunt rubbings and fingering explorations of each others rears. How beautiful were they interlocked in this experience and such an arousing sight to survey. Two little girls naked upon ones bed and kissing their hearts out with their mouth lips while their cunt lips slid past each other during the joyous vaginal rubbings. This moment was showering her every sexual nerve in so much pure delight that Silata would give the entire universe for the chance to make it eternal. Her body wasn't just bathed in the moment but also bathed in the presence of that distinct little girl who lay atop of her during it.

Dilena gritted her teeth, her dark eyes with their pretty lashes framing them still focused however as she drove herself forth and kept up the sliding friction, Silata now yelping her clit was tenderized so much from the ceaseless rubs. Well, at least they seemed like they were going to be ceaseless in such a moment as that where perfection erases all normality. And when they actually did cease, Dilena leaping off and away from her cunt just before her orgasm could reach its peak, it was as if heaven itself had been torn down around her. Silata sat up on the bed, her little eyes almost filling with tears. "Dilena! Please don't go!"

Dilena turned back toward her, a wide grin over that so beautiful yet so sneaky face. "Oh Silata, I'm busy today."

"What?," Silata's voice caught in her throat a little. "What do you mean by busy?"

And that was when a girl of eleven entered the room. She had tightly pigtailed brunette hair, a very attractive face with eyes almost darker than Dilena's in their mischievous shine. She was gowned in white, had matching slippers on her feet and her arms at first simply hung by her side. Yet then, enfolding themselves in the dress, she lifted it right before the gaze of the naked Silata and exposed her cunt to her. It was flowing with an abundance of juices that Silata could not have so far imagined. Yet what shocked her more than this older child's pussy flow was when she watched Dilena inject one of her tiny forefingers into that gorgeous little slit and draw it up to her mouth, moaning as she sucked upon it.

Then she lowered her head, still half turned toward Silata so she could mock her with those little attractive eyes while she took a few thorough licks off the eleven year old's clitoris. The intruder rolled her eyes back in her head and groaned in a clear and pure delirium as she was stimulated by the young child, gently directing her head with her hand as if she'd taken cunnilingus from her several times before. Dilena then turned toward Silata with a drizzling of pussy juice foaming her little mouth, admitting flatly while she stimulated the sighing eleven year old with her small fingers tickling her clit and invading the slit.

"Silata, I want you to meet Ritilia. She's my cousin as well as the best girly friend in the whole wide world for me. What you did with me the other night is actually something I've been doing with Ritilia since I was five. I only acted like it was my first time to better trick you."

"Trick me? Why?," Silata demanded, swallowing her shock and replacing it with painful inquiry which was sore to her stomach, already having been beaten around by this sickly turn of events. "Trick me into what?"

It was then Ritilia spoke up, stammering her words slightly as Dilena's little fingers were still tickling her clitoris and pumping her cunt. "Trick you into thinking you had a friend. You see, my precious Dilena here doesn't really like you at all. She's mine and she's only for me. We're girlfriend and girlfriend you see. And I'll have you know that all you did last time was merely to service her. She'd never give you any favours. How stupid were you?"

Dilena nodded, giggling as she started to more furiously slide her fingers in and out of Ritilia's swiftly leaking pussy. "Yeah, the only thing I enjoyed doing with you was having you lick my feet, tongue fuck me and suck on my ass. Other than that, you're a total bore and I don't want you to ever bother me again. I'm a princess and I'm relieving you of your service you pathetic slave. Get out now!"

Silata ran from the room crying. Not just shedding tears but also sobbing loudly. As she vanished down the hallway, she heard the loudest shriek which indicated that Ritilia had reached her climax. The eleven year old spilled into her cousins hand while the cheeky little Dilena licked up the discharge. Then the two of them kissed, Ritilia yelling more than loud enough for the fleeing Silata to hear her post-orgasmic announcement. "Thanks Dilena. I always cum the most fiercely whenever I watch you make one of your little friends cry. Good job."

Silata didn't look back, and the last image she ever saw of Dilena was the flashing of her cute little grin whilst she had frigged her cousin to orgasm. She didn't need to turn back, for she knew the child's words had been direct, regardless to whether or not she'd merely used them to help her cousin get off on the situation. She could tell by many hints that Dilena didn't want her in her life. Not while she had an expert cousin to pleasure her. Ritilia may only be eleven, but the way she had discharged was evident that she was a skilled masturbator and had thus taught Dilena the perfect way to make another female cum.

Dilena also had a multitude of little friends who'd throw themselves at her feet and be willing to do whatever she wished, physically or sexually. So what the hell did she need Silata for? Since the day they first met, Silata knew she was just a thing of amusement to Dilena, yet had pursued all in the hopes she wouldn't regret any of it. But the pain from the whole experience and the memory of that perfect Dilena who would haunt her for years severely made her wish she had avoided even meeting her at the water park entirely.

Thus from that moment forward, life had carried on into her teen years with little Silata having spent every second from then until now, picturing and structuring sex fantasies with little girls in the confines of her mind only. She'd liked girls since she was young, obviously. So it wasn't a mere means to reincarnate Dilena in any of them. No, certainly not. For that was quite impossible. Silata had failed to find a little girl as pretty as her and believed she would continue to fail. Yet that didn't mean she wasn't severely aroused by some of those she saw at parks, on swing sets and slippery dips.

Some of them, in short shorts, having all their lightly tanned legs exposed. Bright white sneakers, glittering eyes, shiny teeth, irritatingly well clothed buttocks, all of them were seducing enough. And sometimes she would recall Dilena's beauty as having been a little too sweet. But most of the little girls she saw every day would well fit into her category of attractiveness and Silata would pay any immense fortune to be able to enjoy sex with them and get away with it. However not only did she lack such cash as immense fortunes, but it was modern times now and Silata need not be reminded she was seventeen. The world outside painfully kept such reminders up as a daily basis, so she was constantly aware of it.

Her painfully restrained sex drive was cured once earlier this year, upon stumbling upon a website in which featured videos of under aged girls. She was so fired up she took the risks and watched all it contained, feeling her crotch get wetter and wetter while her fingers both violated the entrance and kept the clit well stimulated. Passing random glances over her shoulder was all she managed to ensure she wasn't watched. Here's how the video played out.

Two little girls leaned forward, facing the camera seductively while sucking lollipops and sticking their tongues out. Both were entirely naked and at least six or seven years of age. They had pale, milky-white skin, much like Dilena's. However their faces, underneath pigtailed hair, had several things out of line of that impossible perfection of Dilena's. Yet undoubtedly, they were gorgeous children. The first was blonde and as she displayed herself before the camera and fed the lusting eyes of Silata through her computer screen, she displayed the perfect flat chest and tiny nipples that her longing held such a passion for. Her cunt was tiny and difficult to visualize, however it was responsive indeed as a twelve year old brunette leaned in from the behind a stack of boxes in the garage of which this was being filmed and rubbed that pretty little area of the girls front. As the blonde moaned and turned to the twelve year old, they both sucked each other's mouths.

Meanwhile, the second little girl who was gifted with dark hair and equally dark eyes, pulled the camera extra close so momentarily, all you could see was her little cunt getting immaturely and even slightly roughly handled by her own tiny fingers. The video was cut short as the child endured a small squirt which wet the lens. But they must have managed to fix it up for there was a follow-up video down the page.

Yet Silata had needed nothing more that particular night when spilling so profusely into her pyjamas all that built up tension she'd been forced to direct merely to adult women in playboys. She was able to gain access to the playboys for her mother purchased them herself, showing not the least resistance to the fact her daughter was a lesbian. Yet Silata still hadn't come out to her of being a pedophile lesbian for several reasons. The first obviously being because she wasn't a controlled pedophile. Rather, her desires controlled her and insisted she open that child sex video. Thus, she slept uneasily for fear of the law tracking her down the following day. Yet although she'd gotten away with this experience, she still tried to restrain herself from re-visiting the website from then on.

We have now reached the present day and in case you have lost track, we've returned to chapter one's very first paragraph. Here was Silata Manclis now, on the day she'd be doomed to have another slip back into resorting to child porn. She could tell by the extreme horniness gripping her as soon as she awoke on this dismal morning that the slip back, most certainly today after school when her mom was out of the house, was quite inevitable. You can now pretty much erase the portrait we drew of her as a child, for unless you were to stare deep into her eyes, you could find no other way of being sure that this depressed teenager had any link whatsoever to the starry eyed little blonde girl in her first grade school picture upon her bedside table. She kept that photo there to look back upon the days in which she had everything. The age and ability to explore sexually with other little girls. If only she'd been more social. If ONLY she could have that year back, surrounded by her Julias and Dilenas.

Alas it was all gone now. And she was surrounded by bitching teenagers, cold hearted sluts. People who excluded her the instance they saw her. Silata was growing fast concerned that perhaps she was turning into a perverted old witch already, whose lust for young girls and despise for males was starting to transform her face into a definite evil. An evil of which other high school girls could make eye contact with her for no more than a split-second. Partially a reason why she lathered on so much gothic make-up, to try and hide her real face from ever being glimpsed. Obviously she had plentiful issues with teachers, warning her to tone down that make-up heaviness. But despite her obvious emo-goth trend, she did her absolute best to keep to herself and managed it to a degree.

Her mother was concerned, yet hadn't nearly looked into it as far as to find out the truth behind her issues. She obviously suspected her daughter was merely suffering from a brief depression of having a slightly different sexuality. "Lesbians will be naturally excluded for a time," she'd tell herself without the slightest idea that the word 'pedophile' also accompanied her daughters strong lesbianism.

As for her current physical portrait, it was as follows. She'd now dyed her hair black, keeping it long at first and flowing between her shoulder blades. However now she'd cut it short in a hopes to ensure boys would look the other way. Yet no matter how altered she thought she looked and no matter how far she assumed she'd come from that pretty little child she once was, her beauty was still a hard thing to defeat. And her body was gifted with the perfect teen curves, long legs, small yet visible breasts and the perfect, smooth pale belly she'd brought with her from her childhood years.

Her mouth, although darkened with black lipstick, would be a desirable thing to kiss and still backed up with the pinkest and delicious little tongue behind the lips. Guaranteed, anyone who sucked her mouth would be effected almost instantly on the genitals, regardless to whether or not their sexuality found teenage girls appealing. She simply had that beautiful sweetness intact in her mouth, perhaps taken on from childhood and all the glorious areas of Dilena she'd once tasted, now forever impregnating their juices into her tongue for the rest of the ride of life. Her breasts were easily stimulated and would become erect very swiftly under the mere presence or scent of a little girl who shared any room with her.

Her pussy was the beautiful, tight teenage girl dream and would also be quick to arousal like her nipples were quick to harden, leaking into her panties if a little girl's approach or accidental touch of the skin brought on such a reaction. One day when she was passing through the park, a little blonde girl in roller skates accidently bumped into her. As she turned to apologize, one skate tipped up and she started to fall down. Silata caught her just in time and very slowly helped her to balance, feeling the fresh skin of just nine years against her breasts and hardening the nipples instantly. The feel of the child's heartbeat so close to hers also made her feel dizzy. And most of all, when the girl thanked her (a very playful little thing she was), she reached up and gave the stranger a little kiss on the cheek. In doing so, her wrist lightly bumped the jeaned crotch of Silata and she swooned in that moment, feeling her panties become slick. In return, she quickly managed to get in a little peck on the cheek before advising the child to stay safe. Her masturbation that night had obviously been furious. But now to finish her physical portrait.

She had a beautiful face at the head of her body and at the end were two delicious, pale teenage feet of which the toenails were kept darkened in the gothic theme with black nail paint. Very kissable and loveable objects were the bases of her walking. Her thighs were hard and tight skinned, much in a little girls fashion along with a tight fleshed ass as well. This was always kept well washed and her small pink anus was nearly as ticklish as her clit. Always was it in her most perverse fantasies to feel a little girls tongue at work on the particular orifice that her two firm butt cheeks sheltered. However most of the glory we've described was always either hidden behind uniform or dark black dresses. In summary, while her pretty make-up lathered face, short hair, long dress and thick studded boots failed to conceal all her beauty, it sure as hell limited the unknown, secret perfections underneath that these particular paragraphs have done well in revealing to you.

Were you to see her as she is in her current trend, you'd most likely pass off the unseen as being non-existent. Yet that obviously wasn't entirely true. Her beauty struggled yet lived on since childhood in quite a few qualities which remained behind.

She spent another day at school after exiting her house, crossing a few blocks and landing within the compound of daily hell. She sat at her desk in her little corner, head down and concentrating only on not being glimpsed. Her grades themselves fell far down the well and she didn't give a shit for them. So what if she was the lowest in her class? It concerned her mother of course yet she never overly pestered her about it. While Silata let her hand lazily write whatever answer came to mind to each and every exam question, she was constantly aware of giggles and under-tabled text messaging between the other girls.

She ignored whatever they whispered about her as best she could, all the 'queers' and 'dykes' deliberately audible yet forced as far from Silata's mind as possible. At the end of the lesson, she got to her feet and slunked out of class with all the high-life talking bitches skipping along behind her. It felt so warming to be seated in front of her computer again once she reached her residence of quiet, motherly-absent indoor scenery.

She closed all the blinds to block everyone out and opened up her laptop. Two tears started to fill up her eyes yet she dashed them away before they could ruin her eyeliner and focused on the comforting world of the internet where she had all the perversion she required at her fingertips. She didn't even pause to question whether she should or shouldn't, and instantly acted upon her impulses, revisiting that website she'd found earlier in the year. The pure heaven of being able to search through those kid sex videos at her careless leisure soon replaced the wetness of her eyes with a far more happier and nerve tickling wetness between her legs. Especially upon the first video she watched from start to finish.

A glamorous little blonde girl of around seven years of age (almost resembling Silata in first grade) stood facing the camera upon a giant cardboard box. The top of the box had an open circle cut through it large enough to fit a head through. The girl carefully stood with both her bare feet parted and on either side of the hole. She masturbated while looking at the camera, skilfully doing as she was taught to penetrate with one finger, then with another and to occasionally open up the little pink interior so the camera was fed a perfect view of her tightness.

She giggled, a naughty grin upon her face as she sensed the great gifts she was delivering in the most teasing way to the viewers. She turned, bent forward and flexibly touched her toes, still keeping her feet on either side of the hole and exposed her ass to the camera, widening it so the parted ass crack was seen in full view. The little girls perfectly clean anus looked to tremble a little, perhaps in a little fright of how many perverted eyes would be drawn to this online with their lusts to penetrate it accompanying their view. Yet perhaps her fear was just an illusion as she stood and faced the camera from the front again, still grinning naughtily. She fell upon all fours, hands and feet reaching the corners of the box as best she could while she still grinned right into the camera lens, flicking her tongue about as suddenly she spoke.

"It's hard work putting on a show for all you pervs. I need mommy to relieve me!" And then, right through the hole in the top of the box, the face of the girls mother appeared as she slipped her head up and through the hole. She entirely ignored the camera and looked straight up at her daughter's cunt aimed straight down to where she'd made her entrance. She suckled the little girls clitoris and flicked her tongue over her slit several times.

The child shrieked in pleasure, blushed deep red in the face and struggled to keep her all fours position. Her mixture of strain and pleasure was in perfect sync with how the camera had filmed the events and Silata watched her tremble, her little hands and feet started to twitch as if they couldn't hold the position any longer. Then at last she groaned, shook and had to fight the hardest to keep her balance in a massive swoon of a ticklish little child's orgasm, all of which she fed straight into her mother's mouth.

The mother then made her first eye contact with the camera, smiling with her lips coated in her daughter's discharge before her head vanished back through the hole in the cardboard box. Then snickering in a tone which was almost sadistic, the child teased the camera even more, parting the lips of her cunt to show how it was slick with discharge. She also massaged what droplets had emerged and which her mother had failed to consume, all over her thighs and buttocks. She moved in their turn closer to the camera, both her cunt then her ass. And to finalize things, the giggling child slipped her bare feet through the hole in the box and started to slowly descend.

Her mother was obviously guiding her down from beneath as she made her departure. First her feet vanished, then her shins, knees, thighs, cunt, belly, flat tits, face and then arms. She kept her arms above her head the whole time and before both her hands also vanished into the box, she made rude gestures at the camera. Then the video stopped. Silata's first orgasm cannoned into her panties then left her with the shakes, although she continued to glance through the videos in her dizzy, long lasting pleasure.

The previous video looked to have been filmed in someone's apartment living room. However the next was filmed in special high definition within a mansion. Some rich filmer had also noted upon this video that he could find no better porn stars other than his own two daughters to use in this video, proudly gloating of their skill. The first child was a brunette. She was eight with a beautiful child's figure from head to foot. The skin smooth, gorgeous and mouth watering. Her little cunt so tiny yet so pleasurable. Her buttocks heaven to grip. She lay upon what appeared to be a blanket made from real polar bear fur. She was naked save for a pair of slippers also made from polar bear fur, facing the camera by leaning up against the head of the blanket with her elbow supporting her side. One hand puzzled over her cunt, lightly played with it and appeared to be testing the clitoris, now and then causing the girl to cry out lightly in extreme arousal. Although her gaze never left the camera and despite her fierce blushing, nor did her cute little stare of focus.

Coming up from behind, a second little girl lay down beside her for a while, exploring the other's shoulder with light little tickles. Then she sat up from behind the first and faced the camera clearly while the first continued to masturbate. The second was a little black haired girl with lilly-white skin and dark blue pyjamas. Her feet were stunningly attractive as well as bare and she soon gorged her bare toes into the polar bare fur whilst she struggled to prop herself up to be seen over her sister's body as she removed her clothing. First she unbuttoned the pyjama top, slid it off slowly then followed by sliding her pants down to her ankles and kicking them off.

Meanwhile, the brunette in front cried aloud and started to seep a little orgasm from her precious little cunt. The viewer was easily torn between them both, desperately trying to choose which girl he preferred to watch. However soon he didn't have to worry of that for the girls began a sex act Silata had fantasised of all her life and which displayed them both perfectly to her watching.

The second little girl climbed into line with the first and faced the camera at the opposite end. She took the brunettes ankles in hand, slowly removing her bear fur slippers and tossing them over her bare shoulders. Then, sliding forward with cheeky little grin on her face, she slowly lifted up one of the other girls legs and slid her little butt along the shin of the other. In this manner, she slowly slid her body between the legs of her partner until the both of them had their thighs sandwiched over each other and their little genitals pussy to pussy.

Thus now in the scissoring position, they half managed to keep up on one side and with their interlocked legs perfectly viewed by the camera, although inevitably they wanted to relax upon their backs and scissor in comfort. This problem quickly changed as the view was altered and Silata was now watching with an aerial view, the little girls tribbing upon the polar bear fur. The black haired girl spoke up teasingly, "I'll make you cum first sis! There's no way you'll outlast me. You're leaking already ah!...," and she was cut off with a cry of surprise as the brunette girl instantly began the tribbing with hard thrusts against her sister.

The black haired girl pushed back and their slits slid over one another, the tender clits coming in contact with evident and intense cries from both participants as they slipped by one another. They continued to shove their pussies together, both of them now leaking rather intensely for little girls, and crying out in pure uncontrolled pleasure. However they both still blushed to the max in their visible efforts to try to outlast each other, a little sibling rivalry was perhaps entering the video as they tried to prove to the viewers who was the most tender little pleasure taker and would be the first to submit to orgasm.

The little black haired girl paid for her boasting as she was the first to fall under the delirium which couldn't be anything other than orgasm. Her little eyes rolled back in her head and both the blushing and the competition vanished as she fell into the calm and powerful ecstasy of which nothing mattered in but her joys. Instinctively though, she kept up the pussy thrusting until the brunette fell under as well and came hard against her sister, crying even louder than she did as her thighs were soon slick with both her and her sisters most vigorous orgasm discharge.

The camera zoomed in on their two little tight cunts thrusting up against each other and not only showed in perfect clarity the order in which they came, but also revealed it sliding over their hips and dripping down to stain in glory the polar bear fur beneath. The rug upon which they had cunt fucked was probably worth so much more than its original price now, for it was juiced up with the discharge of two of the most precious little girls on the planet.

Afterward, the camera showed there was no hard feelings about the competition as they got to their knees and cuddled both their naked bodies, kissing each others mouths until the sun came down in the window scenery within the background. Now and then it also showed shots of their little hands grabbing each other's bare asses and prying apart the pale cheeks to show glimpses of two very clean anus's belonging to both those little rich lasses.

Silata briefly worried she was going to pass out in joy of watching all these glorious videos. Yet despite her severe wetness, she held back the peak of her orgasm for the following two videos.

The next was set out in a little role play upon what looked like a schools auditorium stage. A very pretty dark haired girl stood over a smaller blonde. The first girl was structured according to all the laws of child beauty and to accompany her flowing hair was a gorgeous little body, only slightly plump about the thighs yet still delicious and revealing of a smooth skinned slate where her breasts should be. This was shown because the flat chested girl was dressed in a black costume which came down firm around her thighs and over her torso yet left both her little nipples and her cunt exposed, such was the obvious signal this was no innocent play.

The bulk of her flowing dark hair was sheltered by a giant witches hat and coming up to her knees were two large black boots. Her little ass was g-stringed by the dark costume as well. In her hand she held a little wand, waving it about in a childish yet concentrated manner. She looked to be eight or nine years old. However the little blonde girl curled up at her feet was probably only six.

She was a beautiful little youth who had pure and delicious nakedness showing from under her costume, which was nothing aside from a few little rags. Even at such a young age, her mascara kept her gorgeous little eye lashes defined. The six year old remained kneeling before the eight year old, clearly in a slave role. She gently picked up and cradled each of the eight year olds booted feet in her hands and lay kisses upon the tips. She lightly traced her tongue right over the boots up to her covered ankles as well. The eight year old stood over her, cackling cutely in the fashion of the witch she was portraying.

"Kiss my feet slave! Yes, that's it. Suck my boots!" The little witch clearly got what she wanted as the six year old continued to worship her and lick every inch of those boots. Then she pointed her wand down at her. "I now cast a spell on you! You will do absolutely everything I say without question!" And she fell to her knees and ushered the six year old forward. "Lick my cunt!" The little slave obeyed and started lapping at the gorgeous little pussy her witches outfit exposed. The camera zoomed in and showed the eight year old witch going through several stages, blushing deeply then forcing her cunt harder against the face of the younger girl who lapped at it.

Pretty soon the witches slit was soaked and her clitoris very tender under the work of her slaves tongue, so she then grabbed her head and pushed her pussy harder against her face until she produced a beautiful orgasm caught in the clearest film. Then quickly regaining her energy for the video, the witch stood up, turned around and bent forward, displaying her g-stringed ass. "Kiss it!," she ordered. The little slave lapped over both cheeks with her tongue as well as kissing them, suckling the tight flesh of the hard little kids buttocks. That brought back intense memories of Dilena's ass but Silata tried not to think on them just now for she was enjoying the video and did not want it tainted by unreachable memories. When she was done getting her ass licked, the witch then demanded even more of her slave.

"Hold my G-string between my teeth and suck on it. Now!" The slave obeyed, cleverly managing to get a good ahold of it and grab it with her tiny mouth. And the child wasn't acting either. She was visibly having a good suck of the older child's G-string, tasting all it had to offer. Then when that scene ended, the witch got on her knees and had her slave kiss her bare nipples, suckling each one and bringing her to yet another state of ecstasy.

As her cunt wasn't covered, she couldn't stain any panties although she was dripping onto the coverage of her upper thighs in all this excitement. Then she turned away from the slave and started to walk off, giggling over her shoulder. "Haha, you can never get the better of a witch!"

However then the little slave girl made her move, throwing herself forward and wrapping her hands around each of the other little girls ankles. The witch cried out in shock as she went to take her next step and was unbalanced by her little slave who refused to lose her grip on those boots, thus tripping her up. The entire stage was covered by a giant mattress so neither child was harmed the slightest in this acting. The wand fell from the witches hand and the slave snatched it up, announcing proudly in her little kiddies voice as she aimed it down at the wide eyed, trembling witch.

"I now cast a spell on you. You will do everything I say now!" The six year old then stripped off all her ragged clothing, exposing herself entirely naked on the stage and showing both her ass and cunt to the camera a series of times before the play continued. The witch crawled forward obediently and licked the six year olds cunt. Very few juices emerged but the little girl showed several twitching facial expressions with her eyes closed in which certainly showed her intense arousal.

Then as the witch licked her clit several times before expertly sucking it into her mouth, the child lost her footing she was so taken aback by the extremity of the dry orgasm and she was very thankful the mattress was there to beautifully cushion her fall. She then ordered the witch to lick her little bare soles of her feet which she did to the best degree possible, followed by the sucking of the little slaves almost invisible nipples.

She ended by having the witch lick her ass cheeks, bending forward and blushing deeply as she sensed herself starting to tickle with another little dry orgasm. She produced this with a loud cry and a little squirt from her tiny premature cunt was caught in the cameras best angle. Then with this done, the play was concluded when the little slave girl picked up a bucket of warm water.

"I've gotten my revenge!," she announced in the cutest little proud voice, stating all her lines perfectly. "But it does not make up for all the years of slavery you've forced me into. But this will." The six year old then tipped the bucket of warm water all over the kneeling eight year old witch who instantly began squealing in a false little voice. The now very wet child crawled toward the camera with her hair slick down and her tight costume pressed up around her flat breasts and against her thighs thanks to the wetness. She cried aloud while concealing a few giggles with her little hand over her lips.

"HELP! I'm melting! I'm melting... oh what a world!" She reached out for the camera with a little grin on her face yet still did her best to appear as if she was pleading the viewer to save her from the water which was apparently melting her beautiful, tight pale little tender witch skin. The video must have just cut out right before both the filmer and the two performing little girls burst into laughter.

Although she was really soaked upon viewing this last one, Silata surprisingly managed to contain herself to then fall victim to the most extreme orgasmic flow during the last. And this last one was also a painful reminder of Dilena. Namely because the main participant was almost an exact little replication of her. Yes, it was an agonising intrusion to Silata's pleasure but the only way she could see her. The child in question who looked around seven or eight years of age was dressed in a tight little dark blue swimsuit. Yes, it may not have been quite as seductive or as revealing as the tiny black swimsuit Dilena had wore at the water park when she first met her, but this dark blue one was still very revealing of the upper legs and bare shoulders in the same fashion.

Silata was shocked at her stupidity when she even stopped to question why one would allow a child to wear that when she had to remind herself she was watching a porno.

The child's black hair only came to half the length of Dilena's yet was just as sleek. Her bare feet were reminders of the ones Silata had once showered kisses and licks upon. Her thighs had just the right perfect plumpness and her arms were just as slender. Were it not for her face just slightly less attractive with the most mild imperfection of a slightly large lip and a tiny chip in her pretty front teeth, Silata could have been so close to comparing her prettiness with that of her sacred memory.

However she battled her mind not to think on finding similarities or imperfections and instead let her sexual nerves grace her with all of the sexually exciting aspects. Such as the tight little figure and the pretty dark, seductive eyes which were very soon to be intent on the naughtiness of stripping for the camera. Yet her nakedness was delayed in the first scene to keep the viewer curious, and oh how curious Silata was indeed.

This little girl in the dark blue swimsuit then skipped over to the camera to begin. She was being filmed in a factory-type construction. The floor was smoothed out with several soft gym mattresses so her cute bare feet were in comfort. However the background surrounding wasn't covered up and indeed appeared to be an abandoned facility with shattered windows and rusted walls. From slots in the walls, tips of hoses were poking through, all these aimed straight at the mattress walkway. Then without warning, they all turned on and several beams of hard fired cold water dashed over the room in thin lines. Silata watched as the little girl performed the most expert gymnastics, skipping over and under every last spray of water and emerging completely dry at the camera's end, giggling as she bent over and displayed her buttocks, asiding her swimsuit so one could get a perfect view of the crack.

Although this particular child didn't keep her ass nearly as clean as Dilena, it was still a beautiful intoxicating sight for the viewer who probably would desire to suckle it clean themselves. She turned back to the camera then, slowly easing down her swimsuit to her feet and displaying her entire front to the camera's view as well. Her flat tits were plumped up by a beautiful little belly carrying on quite an amount of soft toddler flesh. Although it wasn't in perfect order nor the flesh quite as tight as Dilena's torso, it was still mouth watering to look at. The belly basically a magnet for ones tongue to wish to tickle the perfect little naval.

Down from it with her thighs splayed was a tiny little cunt of which the clitoris was so tiny the camera had difficulty getting it in focus. Yet Silata guessed correctly that the thing was very sensitive. This was proven as a second little girl, this one at least twelve, skipped through the lines of water with the same beautiful gymnastics and emerged entirely dry beside the first. She was in a tight bikini which compressed what there was to compress of her basically flat breasts and showed the most desirable young midriff ever exposed to the human eye. Although Silata wasn't as particularly turned on by twelve year olds as she was by seven or eight year olds, the sight of this girl still brought intense leakage into her panties and she rubbed her clit while watching her undress.

The girl was brunette, had dark eyes and equally dark lips for her lipstick was particularly shaded, almost a match to Silata's gothic look. She also framed those dark eyes with seductive eyeliner and the rest of her smooth, youthful preteen figure was perfectly lilly-white. The only clothing she permitted to stay on her were little gold ankle bracelets about her wondrous feet, also tipped off on the toenails with equally golden nail paint. She knelt down in front of the first girl and grasped her small buttocks.

The first put her hand upon the head of the slightly senior girl and directed her movements with more and more encouragement as she felt her clit start to get tickled by the other's tongue tip. A close up of the twelve year olds face showed her cheeky, grinning intent as she continued to tongue the first girls slit and the cries of her stimulated friend became all the more romantic. The first child blushed, grabbed her head and as her tiny clit was continued to be tickled by the tongue tip, she started to leak down her beautiful small thighs and at last went under the high seas of pleasure with a cry of the most pure, concentrated orgasm.

She now rammed her little slit against the other girl's face and cried out even louder as it was penetrated by her nose. Then it was finished off by her tongue delving as deep into the child as possible and finally positions were reversed.

The twelve year old stood proud and tall and tilted her head toward the celling with her eyes closed and several moans of pleasure escaping her small lips. Meanwhile, the first child hand her hands grasped over her buttocks and was feeding off of her cunt, licking around the clit and swallowing down every little piece of moisture the slit let flow. The twelve year old showed even less restraint and with her cheeks soon blushing, she grabbed the child's head and guided her several hard thrusting times against the inflamed organ of lust between her thighs.

Within no time at all, the seven year old was drinking down the liquid of the second girl's orgasm. After having given each other head, the two children then displayed several more upfront sex acts before the camera. The twelve year old knelt down and suckled the tiny little chest of the seven year old, stimulating all there was to stimulate and causing several moans to emerge from the blushing child's lips. Then in return, the first girl sucked the beginnings of swells upon the twelve year olds tits and left quite a few puddles of hot saliva upon her target. Then the child fell to the floor and kissed the bare feet of the brunette, licking her tongue right over the golden nails and flicking her tastebuds over those pretty bracelets as well.

The twelve year old then stood on her gorgeous tip toes, groaning in pleasure as she felt her exposed soles also get lathered with the child's saliva. Everything about her beautiful walking objects were tasted, from the pleasurable skin to the more or less delicious bracelet gold. It was all savoured by the child who then displayed her bare feet and the twelve year old instantly fell to sucking the toes. The process was repeated and the smaller girl stood on tiptoe as well so both her soles and heels would also be tongue tickled. After this, the child bent forward and exposed her cute little buttocks to her acquaintance. Despite the mild grains of tainting Silata had observed in the crack earlier, she watched as the brunette wasn't deterred at all, licking both her buttocks for a while before delving straight toward the tiny anus.

Silata certainly understood the severe lust the older girl must have been going through. Especially if they had any relation in their sexual preferences at all. For when one who understood this desire saw an ass in even the slightest resemblance to Dilena's, one would have to service it just as well, regardless of its cleanliness or any other possible factors. The child swooned, holding onto her kneecaps while her cheeks blushed red and her little pussy trickled a second discharge onto her thighs whilst she felt that twelve year old's tongue tickling her little round anus.

Then she stood, sighing as they turned around and for the last time, reversed their positions so the camera could film their every logical sex act. The seven year old delved into the twelve year olds rather clean behind and tickled the anus with her tongue tip until her little friend was nearly shaking violently with pleasure, discharging hotly onto her thighs again. How Silata would have given absolutely anything for either of their positions right now. The brunette continued to shake wildly until the seven year olds worshipping of her ass brought forth the last of her delicious orgasm and the whole while she tickled her clit to prolong it. The two then turned around and kissed each others mouths right before the camera, sharing the tastes of all their desirable body parts and feeding them down each other's throats. They probably would have pursued repetitions of these acts forever was this not a video which had a set timing. They turned to the camera, naked with their bodies slick in discharge evident of their excitement and also hand in hand. They took a bow, each with one bare foot neatly placed out in front of the other, their toes in perfect alignment.

"Thanks for watching the show," the two of them spoke in perfect sync. Then the twelve year old resumed. "But I hope you've saved your cum for the next rounds."

In the next scene, the two cheeky children skipped back to the centre of the mattress, performing all their gymnastics to avoid the water sprays yet again. Then two more girls entered and displayed themselves right up close to the camera, both appearing to be around eleven years old. Silata watch them carefully yet now and then had to pause to let her eyes drift back to the seven year old, always having painful flashbacks of Dilena occur in these moments. Although soon she forced herself to concentrate at the action being performed right before the camera and nothing else.

One eleven year old was blonde and in a white dressing gown. She had an expression just as cheeky as the others yet with mild little distortions in bone structure which made her face very original but not in the least unattractive. She had her special glow about her with bright blue eyes to top it off. She slowly unbuttoned her gown and slid her shoulders out of it, the second little girl leaping upon her back instantly and licking between her shoulder blades. She turned her head back to face the other and glued her lips to hers, lightly licking along the side of her jaw.

The second child was also gowned in white, however soon had the other girl strip her out of it to reveal her pale body. She was black haired and glamorous from head to foot, furnished with dark and almost venomous green eyes. These two girls, instead of the first two who performed outright sex acts, simply stimulated the viewer by posing in several seductive situations. They were visibly getting wet the whole time and their thighs having extra glistening's of excitements to the obvious viewer. Yet they kept up the poses and simply offered no relief to one another.

The blonde would lie upon her belly in one scene with her feet kicked up behind her. Then the black haired girl would sprawl on top of her sideways, also kicking her feet up behind her whilst staring into the camera and seductively sucking a finger. In another scene, the black haired girl would lie on her back while the light weighted blonde would walk barefooted along it, looking to give her friend a shoulder massage. In another, the blonde lay upon her stomach while the other girl rested her head upon her buttocks and gently kissed it while not allowing her eyes to leave the camera.

Another featured the blonde standing tall while the equally light weighted black haired girl was given a piggy back ride, the two of them turning around in their naked display several times to show ones cunt from the front while her head shielded the seconds, and then both their buttocks from the back view. Although they both looked to be in painful arousal, they performed all these scenes without cumming save for the last.

As she was given this piggy back ride, the black haired girl suddenly started humping her cunt against the back of her friends skull. Meanwhile, as her friend knelt down, she managed to stretch out her leg low enough down her friends torso to then massage the blondes cunt with the back of her heel. They both gave out harsh shrieks in this unusual position and the blonde went red in the face yet still managed to support her friends weight and offer the back of her head to tickle her naked cunt. Soon she felt a warmth slide around her neck as her friend came all of a sudden from the mere head humping.

The blonde then also cried aloud as the heel rubbing at her clit brought her off and she wet both her thighs and the underside of her friends foot with her little squirts as well. This unusual positioning was highly arousing to Silata, observing that perhaps this pairs team of girls would be future contortionists or circus performers. The black haired girl finally sighed in the final stages of release and dismounted her friend, giggling at the wetness she'd left in her hair while the blonde masturbated herself through the remainder of her orgasm and completed what her friends heel had started. The two of them then took their bow for the camera like the first two had done and then the next scene followed.

The two naked girls turned and skipped their beautiful barefooted way through the maze of cold hose water, managing to land perfectly dry a few feet from the first two. They all stood on seductive pride facing each other, the blonde and the black haired girl with their hands on their hips and occasionally leaning over to lick each other's cheeks. The twelve year old and the little Dilena resembling friend of hers close cuddled each other, suckling upon their nipples in turn while continuing to stare down the two girls that faced them. All four of them stood with their bare feet facing toward their enemies, twinkling their pretty toes in daring threats for their opposers to make the first move in whatever round was coming next. The hoses constantly spraying water suddenly turned off but with seemingly no real reason for the girls were just as dry as they had entered.

However it was then explained by the voice of the filmer as two older women entered, one standing behind the first two girls and the other positioning herself behind the other two. Both pairs of little girls seemed to tremble in the presence of the women and it was then made into logical sense by what the filmer announced. "Alright, you've all managed to avoid the water so far. Congratulations. Yet two of you are going to be soaked by the end of this video. As you are sisters in your pairs (he pointed out that the first two performers were related and vice versa) you will now team up against each other. The two women, for those of you who haven't already figured out, are the mothers of these four brilliant performers. The mother of the first two girls stands behind the second, and the mother of the second two girls behind the first. It will be up to the efforts of your mothers which two girls will get soaked with water. Each mother will stimulate and do all manner of favours for the daughters of her opponent. Whichever mother can cause the others daughters to cum first will be the winner, and thus the two girls who came will be splashed. Mothers, it is up to you to save your daughters from a cold water spray. In order to do this, you must cause your daughters opponents to lose control and have an orgasm first. As for you girls, you only have to think on holding off as long as you can. Let's begin."

And so the game was on without question. The woman behind the two eleven year olds instantly beginning things in her hurried mode and intent to save her two daughters from the cold. She fell behind the blonde girl and furiously kissed her young ass with her old lips, licking the skin, the crack and all. She suckled it, flicked her tongue over the little anus and kept on tickling it.

The blonde girl closed her eyes, trying to keep ahold of her senses and not let go. As she did this, she shuffled her gorgeous feet and exposed the sole of one with an instep. Noticing her subject was doing her best to avoid reality, the mother cleverly tickled the girl right on her sole and brought her back to attention with a loud giggle. Then she let one hand crawl to her pussy and started gently touching the clit with one finger whilst sliding another smoothly over the slit. The blonde let out a little cry, indicating she was getting close already.

The mother meanwhile let her other hand crawl up the leg of the black haired girl and tickled her fingers between her tight ass crack for a few seconds, then sliding them up and down her thigh with a warm palm massage before then reaching around and tickling her clit like she was still doing to her sister. She visibly made her uncomfortable too for the girl tried to shut her eyes then made the mistake of shuffling her little feet like her sister did and leaving one sole exposed. Instantly, the mother halted everything and bent down with her mouth open, sucking her heel and licking over her sole.

The black haired girl giggled loudly and struggled to keep her focus just as she felt the woman's mouth move away from her foot and place a huge kiss on both ass cheeks then flick her tongue around in the crack like she'd done to her sister a moment before, tickling the anus. She struggled, groaned and tried to keep her senses, blushing deeply.

The blonde yelled to her sister. "Just ignore her, you have to ignore her ah!," she was cut off as the mother also slid her finger right into her slit and moved her thumb over her clit, tickling it while using her other hand to tickle and lightly probe her sisters anus. Both girls were starting to swoon in pleasure yet struggled visibly to hold onto giving into that pleasure.

"Oh you can't control it!," the mother declared with a wide grin. "Just give into it girls. You're almost there anyway. Orgasm, you know you want to!"

The blonde girl shut her eyes tight and bit her lip, holding onto it as best she could as she felt the woman's lips suckling her ass flesh and the tongue tip returning now and then to tickle the anus, all the while she was stimulated from the front. She groaned, ever so close yet tried to think about nothing sexual.

The mother stood up and enfolded the blonde in her arms, rubbing her nipples, licking and sucking on the side of her neck, kissing the lips that tried to move away and running her tongue over her cheek. She reached around the front and played with the girls flat chested nipples also, tickling over them and bringing out gooseflesh of fear as the child was so close to cumming in her arms. The blonde was now panting and blushing, her skin slick with perspiration and little pleasurable moans coming through her lips.

The woman smiled, reaching down and frigging the kid's clitoris while whispering into her ear, knowing that the second she made the girl cum she'd both save her own daughters from the water and doom this one to getting splashed with it.

"Come on honey, you know you can't hold on. Just cum and get it over with. It'll feel real good." The girl panted, cried out and shook in what looked like a spasm of pleasure yet violently twisted in a hopes to erase it, moaning as she tried to ignore the skilled fingers playing over her clitoris. The mother kept her in her arms yet enjoyed feeling the young girl writhe a little as she tried to hold back the inevitable hot spill approaching her pussy lips and soon to cascade down her thighs. "Let it go honey," she continued to encourage.

"No! No!," the blonde girl whined, kicking her legs about whilst the hand continued to stimulate her slit, giggling a little at the fun of this game mixed in with the terror she was having of release. "I can do this, I can do this," she whispered under her breath yet couldn't help but laughing at the friendly yet mocking tone of the woman frigging her.

"Oh no you can't darling. You're about to spill any second now and you can tell it. Come on now. Get it over with." However the mother was starting to panic as she watched what the other woman was doing to her own daughters, realising they were just as close to cumming and that she ought to speed things up with these two. She kissed the girls lips then tongued her mouth, French-kissing deeply while enjoying the grabbing of that tight buttocks with one hand, using the other still to frig her wet clitoris.

This was all done very gently, for it was a friendly competition only. The kind mother was even ready to plunge a finger into the blonde girls ass but when she felt there wasn't enough lubrication available, she decided against it. Silata observed this from the camera angle and although she guessed this wasn't staged, she admired how kind these people were to each others kids, guiding aside the fact that they were obviously the ones to also allow their children to perform in such a video. But they were all having fun, you couldn't say they weren't.

The blonde's heavy breathing increased while the mother continued to frig her and kiss her neck, suckling her mouth and feeling her ass, tickling the anus and what not. However the task was to make both her adversary's daughters cum, and she'd let the black haired girl catch her breath.

Suddenly releasing the blonde and hearing her utter a sigh of relief, she enfolded her sister in her arms and kissed her mouth deeply, repeating the process. She grabbed the girls butt, gently tickling the crack and smoothed her palms seductively over the anus. A trickle emerged from her cunt and the girl cried out as she felt her genitals warmed under the woman's palm, saliva running down her neck as she vigorously kissed her shoulder. Letting her hands leave her buttocks and cunt for a few seconds, the woman also rubbed her tits and played with the nipples, feeling them harden and the child's heavy breathing begin.

Then she lowered her hands, felt over that glorious pale belly and returned to the cunt. One hand fingered it while she reclined against her and then she reached over with her other hand and started frigging the blonde again who cried out in fear, realising she hadn't had enough time to officially calm down since her last stimulation. Now and then the woman would stop and kneel down to kiss the girls buttocks in turn, tasting both of their anus's and tickling them with her tongue tip. But for the majority of the time, she frigged both the young sisters clits and felt more and more juices emerge from the cunts.

Every time she gently slid the head of her finger into the vaginas of the two, it would always emerge slightly hotter and wetter. The girls shook in her grasp, continued to blush and bite their lips as they held onto their orgasms desperately. The blonde seemed to be in a greater state of heavy breathing arousal and so the mother enjoyed teasing her clit all the more with a few tickles while bringing her sister up to the same level. The black haired girl squealed all of a sudden, her smooth body even wetter with sweat while she then groaned in that continued discomfort and held in her orgasm. The woman let her tongue explore and lick up all the perspiration from the body of her opponents daughter, enjoying the delicious taste and not halting her continued tickling of her gorgeous clitoris.

Still concerned for her own daughters although suddenly feeling a little sorry nonetheless for the two she stimulated, she decided to compliment them before pushing them over the edge. She stopped frigging them, knelt down and turned them to face her, then placed wet kisses over both their feet, sucking their pretty toes into her mouth. She licked around the sides of their feet as well and suckled on their heels while the two girls fought to hide back continued arousal. After running her tongue along all their toes, starting with the pinkie of the blonde and ending with the far right pinkie of the black haired girl, she looked up at both sisters and spoke while enjoying inhaling a little more of their precious pale feet.

"I must say I'm very impressed with you two and your ability to hold back orgasm. You're both very beautiful young girls and I regret that I have to do this. But I only do it to save my own daughters from the cold splashings of the hoses. I will now make you both cum rivers!" She stood up and enfolded the black haired girl in her grasp, kissing her face, licking her nose and her eyes then French-kissing her mouth.

The whole while she played with her tits, reached round and grabbed her firm little ass and tickled the crack. She also felt her glamorous flesh start to tremble and the young girl bite into her shoulder, quivering as orgasm was readied to disperse. She shut her eyes again but knew it was inevitable. Meanwhile, the blonde girl knew she was in a very tender position yet in good humour, suddenly spoke up with the cheeky little intent of bragging.

"Ha! I don't think so. You'll never make us cum you old bitch!" And then, right as she finished this sentence, the blonde watched the woman's hand come gliding between her thighs and froze in fear from head to foot. She felt the hand brush over her inner thighs and ignite all her pleasure nerves, realising with horror that upon contact she'd burst into the most delicious cum of her life. Oh how true was that, for the woman simply reached over and frigged the blondes clitoris for just two seconds in response to her insult and instantly felt the young girl cum and cum hard over her hand.

The blonde cried aloud, feeling as if her feet were about to be swept out from under her as the most mind blowing orgasm crashed through her young skull. The woman was good however and ensured that the child experienced the best rush by keeping her hand at work and frigging between her thighs from start to finish, tickling her clitoris and bringing out the most intense waves of ecstasy from the girl's leaking cunt. The blonde only fell to her knees in comfort when it was all over and she'd released warmly down her legs.

Meanwhile, at precisely the same time her sister also gave out in the woman's embrace and leaned right against her, biting rather hard into her shoulder as she started to give into the orgasm. The woman kept tickling her clit and patiently bore the biting of her shoulder while she let her fingers ride up into the slit and excite the girl even more. She shook violently in her arms and the embrace was continued until she felt she had frigged the last little drop out of her pussy and left her young legs soaked with her juices. Then she kissed her on the mouth, gently guided her down to her knees beside her sister and then followed up by kissing her sister as well.

The blonde enjoyed having her mouth suckled even by the woman who'd just deliberately made her give out, as did the black haired girl. The mother of the other two then stood proudly over her opponents daughters who she'd managed to bring to their knees in the hottest throes of orgasm, observing with the greatest joy that she'd won the events. But only slightly for both her own daughters only just gave out under the other woman's efforts next.

However now it's only fair we describe how the other side of the events went. Silata managed to observe these as well despite them occurring more in the background view of the camera. Her little Dilena look-alike was thoroughly stimulated most of the time by the older woman. She knew it would take extra effort to bring a child so young to orgasm and did not waste a second. She vigorously kissed her ass, felt the tight little rosy butt cheeks, tickled the backs of her heels and sucked on her anus. The kid swooned in her grasp and giggled yet continued to hold on, keeping her eyes well shut.

The woman nibbled on her neck, spun her around and lapped over her flat chested nipples whilst tickling her tiny clitoris. The child shook in a sudden urge to release yet managed to hold it in, even as her belly was licked and the naval tongued extra deep while the woman continued the whole while to frig her tiny pussy. She squealed, felt enveloped in the warmth of the touches and the playful ticklings of her nerves, yet fought them with a teeth gritting childish intent. The woman also teased her like the other was doing to her daughters.

"Come on little kid. You know you want to release. Here, I'll help you." She got on all fours and tongued the child's clitoris furiously, licking into her slit and tasting what little juices started to produce. She also reached round behind and grabbed her soft buttocks and poked her fingers into the crack, only very lightly playing with the ass hole. The little girl swooned and felt ready to give way under the encouragement, not only showing signs of this with extra blushing but with fast, heavy breathing as well.

"Come on you naughty little girl. Let yourself go." Seeing her little feet tremble showed the woman how close she was to accomplishing this and she knelt down and licked her toes, following the example she caught snapshots of here and there of what her adversary did to encourage her daughters to their orgasms. The child trembled yet held on, feeling all her small beads of saliva lapped up all the same pushing her close to the edge.

Not forgetting her sister, the woman frigged both the girls cunt and behind. As she was twelve and masturbated regularly, she ought to have been the easiest to make orgasm. After all, she was leaking with the most frequent little girls liquid. The woman then had enough to gather on her finger tips and comfortably lube the child's anus.

So she frigged the girls ass hole in turn with her vagina as well. In no time she was squealing and growing as close to dispersing as her younger sister. "Oh God, I can't hold on!," she yelled out, trembling and shuffling her feet with her eyes closed. The woman just laughed and continued to play over the young girls clit, feeling her wet both her palm and the sides of her legs.

"Good, I don't want you to hold on, let it go!"

But she still fought to do so. She bit her lip and tried to shift her mind elsewhere. To think on anything but the feeling of the woman's mouth tickling her anus and frigging her cunt with her fingers. She did well to continue sucking the kid's butt cheeks, gliding the tip of one finger up and down the crevasse to her tight little asshole while the other played over her pussy and slid the head of her forefinger into the slit. It felt so warm, so aroused and so tickling of every nerve so she kept it up, recognising the sounds the little girl produced as being very close to falling over the edge. Those delicious ass cheeks were licked, tickled and sucked upon until the perspiration left them and went down the hardworking woman's throat.

She felt the twelve year old tremble, which was certainly a very good sign and removed her hands from all orifices and massaged her thighs briefly before returning them to their original frigging positions. Suddenly she stopped and lowered her head down to her feet, sucking those beautiful toes into her mouth and playing her tongue over the bracelets as well, further arousing her young subject. Then back to her cunt she resumed, this time tonguing the slit straight from the front and tasting both the close approach of release as well as hearing those evident little cries the little girl made which clearly indicated her goal was close to being achieved.

Briefly forgetting she was supposed to hold on, the child even made the mistake of instinctively thrusting her hips towards the woman's face a few times and she used each of these moments valuably, stimulating her clit to an extra spicy arousal for each and every mistaken thrust the girl offered her, increasing the situations misfortune on her part. Yet so close as she was, she was about to consider naught but her orgasm and to beg the woman to return her tongue to her cunt.

Yet the woman also had to ensure the child would be brought off at around the same time. Silata watched as the little sweetheart of her centre attention was thoroughly submerged in pleasure, feeling the woman's tongue at work on both her butt cheeks while she was enfolded in an embrace from behind. The tiny vagina was tickled by eager fingers, the same which could reach right up and play with her nipples whenever required for her body was so small and available. Turning her around, the woman kissed the child's tiny toes and licked all the way up her legs, from her shins to her thighs and then continued by suckling her miniature clit.

Deciding this would be her final move, the woman reached over and tickled the twelve year olds ass at the same time before plunging in one very lubricated finger and feeling the girls entire body clench around it. Losing her nerve, the twelve year old cried out and came while she instinctively frigged herself through it with the woman's finger in her ass the whole time. It couldn't be stopped now, so she may as well enjoy it. Her little sister's orgasm was accomplished at the same moment when the woman continued to stimulate the seven year olds cunt until the little juices landed on her tongue and the child fell into her embrace with a swoon.

Like her opponent, she showed brilliant sportsmanship by kissing both the girls she'd brought to orgasm, first the little one and then the twelve year old. She also cuddled them close and helped frig out the remainder of their pleasures. They both thanked her with bright little smiles. However when she glanced up, she was then informed that she'd lost the competition.

"It was very close," the filmer announced. "However the losers must now do a wet show for the camera."

The whole competition was deep and enthusiastic, yet really all for nothing as the punishment for losing certainly wasn't severe at all. Merely a splash of cold water. However all the same, it was very enjoyable to watch. The two eleven year old sisters walked to the centre of the mattress and hugged each other tight, waiting for it. "You bitch mom, I can't believe you let us lose!," the black haired girl yelled out but was all in good humour. Her mother laughed back at her.

"Well if you're gonna be like that, I don't feel so bad about losing now."

Then all of a sudden, the hoses sprayed into action again and with their bodies entwined in their embrace, both the blonde and black haired sisters were splashed with the floods of cold water. They screamed but started laughing nonetheless, posing seductively for the camera as the cool water washed over their beautiful, slick and lightly goosefleshed eleven year old bodies. The black haired girl parted her legs and exposed her splashed cunt in full view for the camera while the blonde bent over and showed her ass getting thoroughly washed down by the cold tide. The water spray lasted only a few seconds and then the naked girls were left to cuddle each others wet bodies.

In the final shot, the two other girls ran in and cuddled their opponents in turn, receiving and delivering kisses to every one of the participants small mouths. The mothers also walked in and embraced all the children and in summary, they all lifted their hands in peace signs to the camera right before the video finally stopped.

Silata cried out and didn't care in the least that her voice carried through the hallways of the empty house. No one was home, so what the hell did it matter? With her panties aside, she continued to frig her cunt until she trickled onto the base of the seat and her whole world inflamed in the redness of her inflamed imagination finally cooled down. But perhaps imagination was the wrong word, for she'd used all those videos to bring out this unbelievably beautiful discharge. Watching those videos brought her down from heaven in a peaceful little bundle, realising that as long as she had the ability to lock herself away with her videos and fantasies, she at least had one reason to live.

For the first time in the afternoon, she was purely happy. Although this happiness was not long lasting as she noticed the video had paused on the last scene right before the ending. And she got a perfect view of the little girl delivering her tiny little peace sign up to the camera.

Silata leaned forward and stared hard at her cute little grinning, discharge spattered face. And once again, despite all the afternoons attempted distractions, she miserably thought of Dilena.

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